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Pinterest or Binterest?


What Shall I Do?
 Now being a bit of a cynic, I have been struggling to jump on board this whole raving Pinterest train as it goes speeding along the track. I am a great believer in following my ‘gut instinct’ and it was telling me as I watched this train approach, full of people all hanging off it and others trying to jump on, that, for now, it is best just to stay here at the edge of the train track and watch!

I posted a thread recently on LinkedIn that went like this:

Just not getting this Pinterest following at all……can someone explain the benefits to me to help me understand if this really is the next best thing…..or…..is it the ‘sheep’ mentality?

I do remember Pinterest trying to get off the ground about 18 months ago and couldn’t understand it then either.  It never did take off and just disappeared quietly.  Just lately, however, it seems everyone is Pinterest crazy!

Why The Doubt?

What also made me question it from a business perspective was that it was mainly females that used it and they would ‘pin’ up pictures of wedding paraphernalia, recipes, hints & tips for beauty/relaxation etc.  Now, I’m being informed that the balance is shifting and to quote one of my LinkedIn friends called Mark:

Men are getting it too, in USA stats are changing from being heavily female here in UK the stats show 56% male 44% female. Probably the heavy female reference was because females were early users but now its simply people.

Mark referred me to a website that goes into some great ways of marketing your business using Pinterest and I have to say, after reading it, my strong gut instinct is thawing slightly.  So off I went to take a look.

I typed in the search bar ‘WordPress’ because that is my passion and what I teach.  I found a great Infographic that I am going to use in a blog post so that was great.  There is quite a bit of interesting information within Pinterest relating to WordPress so I am going to be exploring this in greater depth later today.

All I will say for now is ‘Watch This Space’ and I may even start up my own ‘Pinterest Board’ – if I do I will certainly let you know:)
Here’s a great link to the site Mark referred me to:

56 Ways to Market Your Business On Pinterest

Happy Pinning,




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2 Responses to Pinterest or Binterest?

  1. Mark Longbottom March 4, 2012 at 2:47 pm #

    Thanks for the mention Trish and good to see you are thawing, as I said on Linked In see what real benefit and value you personally and as a business can get from simply bookmarking things you like and dislike first.

    Let the others hype it and the real people use it effectively, it will grow as people work out how good the comments can be for talking through.

  2. Ian Davies March 20, 2012 at 10:18 pm #

    A very interesting and timely post Trish, as I heard about Pinterest for the very first time today.

    I’d been blissfully unaware of it until I read a post on my hosting company’s blog. I decided to take a ‘quick look’ and was hooked within minutes. I opened an account and soon set up a few boards and began pinning away!

    It may turn out to be a fad of course, but I certainly found it interesting, and I’m sure I’ll be playing with it for a few days at least.

    I’m now going to read the post you’ve linked to further up the page.

    Many thanks for sharing this with us. :)

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